Ways to Enjoy Acai Berry and Its Benefits

Acai berries grow widely in the rainforests of South America. Also known as a super fruit, these little berries have plenty of health benefits to offer for those who eat it regularly. They are packed with, vitamins and minerals that are essential in the proper functioning of our body. Aside from that, they could also help improve one’s health by alleviating some symptoms of certain diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and many more.

It is also popular among fitness enthusiasts because of its weight loss benefits. When consumed on a regular basis, acai berries are definitely one of the best foods for your body. Acai is commonly eaten as a fresh fruit but there are still plenty of interesting ways to enjoy this amazing fruit. Read along to learn more styles in preparing acai berry.

All-Natural Preparation

One of the simplest ways to enjoy acai berries is to eat them plain and fresh. First, you should soak the berries first to soften its outer skin. Then, you can mash them into a paste ready for eating. You can enjoy it plain or mix in other fruits or berries with it too for added flavour. If you’re looking out for your sugar intake, it would be best to eat acai berries all-natural without adding sugar or any sweetener.

Acai Shake

If you’re looking for more interesting ways to enjoy this wonder fruit, try making it into a shake or smoothie. Just like when eating it raw, soak the berries first to prepare them for processing. Put them in a blender to process them into a smooth blended paste. To make acai smoothie, get the pure blended pulp and simply add milk for an added boost in nutrition. For acai shake, add some crushed ice on it and blend again until the mixture looks smooth then add some milk.

Processed Acai

Acai berries only have a short shelf life that’s why they are not usually exported in their natural fruit form. Instead, they are processed into different ways to preserve them longer and bring them to places that are far from where they naturally grow. You have plenty of options to choose from – capsules, tablets, purees, juice, and even powdered form. When looking for acai powder online, be sure to check the manufacturer and the quality of their product first.

Beauty Products

Aside from taking it into your body, acai berry is also used for products that can be applied topically. It is popular for its positive effects on the skin and hair. You can find them on face creams, lotions, lip balms, or any beauty product that promises more beautiful and younger-looking skin and hair.

Nowadays, people are getting more health conscious than it was ages ago. For those who are looking for all-natural products with superb health benefits, look for acai berry products and experience the difference yourself. With so many ways to enjoy this fruit, you’ll can definitely find a perfect way to enjoy its benefits.

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