Useful Tips for Designing and Equipping an Office Kitchen

The kitchen is as important to offices as it is to a home. Employees that work long hours must have access to food and beverages to remain focused and active. No one can be productive when starving. Therefore, designing an office kitchen is one of the most important tasks an employer would undertake. Once designed, an office kitchen cannot function without the right equipment. Here are several tips for designing and funding equipment for an office kitchen without making an expensive mistake:

Plentiful Storage is a Must

First of all, one of the important things an office kitchen must have is storage space. The quotient for storing stuff is high. Keep in mind that there would be lots of food, cutlery, dishes and other items employees bring in that would need to be stored in the kitchen. This is in addition to all the equipment that would need to be stored. Therefore, make sure that the office kitchen with designed with plenty of storage.

Buy High-End Equipment

There are certain items an office kitchen cannot do without. For example, employees would need to make tea and coffee. Buying a coffeemaker is definitely a top priority for the office. When purchasing such equipment, make sure the company invests in the best. For example, don’t by cheap coffeemakers intended for homes. Invest in excellent industrial coffee machines that can withstand constant use by dozens of people. Choose well-known commercial grade brands to get the best value for your money.

Utilise Space Wisely

Expect the office kitchen to b widely used. There would be a lot of foot traffic inside. In addition, many people also prefer to hang out at the office kitchen during lunch hour. Traffic management, thus, should be a priority from the start. Make sure to design the kitchen with plenty of space for workers to walk around. There should be a place for group of people to just hang out. Expect certain areas, like near the water cooler or the microwave, to be crowded and plan accordingly.

Keep the Design Minimalistic

As much as you would love to design an eye-catching office kitchen with decorations, prioritise functionality and utility over the aesthetic. A minimalistic design is truly the best for an office kitchen. It would be easy to navigate and even easier to clean. A minimalist kitchen is better for crowd control and keeping foot traffic in line. The company won’t have to spend a lot of money on things that only add to the looks. The kitchen should be functional, while aesthetics should be reserved for areas where employees welcome customers or business partners.

Prioritise Safety

The office kitchen should be as safe as possible. There would be a lot of hazards to pay attention to, such as the risk of fires when using the microwave. Even worse, office kitchens are highly vulnerable to spills, which poses a slippage risk to others. The kitchen must be designed with safety standards in mind. Keep cleaning equipment in an area that is easy to access for safety reasons.

The above should help any small business designs a highly functional and safe kitchen for employees. It may cost a bit, but the result would be a great workplace complemented by an excellent kitchen.

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