Tips for Choosing Your Bridal Party’s Dresses

When one of your girls in your girl squad is getting married you know it’s the time for everyone to get together and start making a lot of decisions and planning. It truly is an exciting time with a lot of girl time doing the things that we girls tend to love the most: shopping! Although it seems like the best time, there is always a lot of pressure on the bride to make sure everything runs smoothly and all parts of the wedding are handled. Each aspect of the wedding such as food, décor, attire, venue etc. has a lot of work to be done but the one that requires the most attention – and is the one that usually receives the most attention – is the outfits. Brides spend a lot of their time in the planning process trying to find that perfect dress for themselves and then comes finding the right dresses for girl squad. There are a lot of things to consider when doing this, here are a few tips to help you.

Stick to the Theme

Once you choose a theme for the wedding, stick to it when choosing everything thereon, from the gown to the cake to the bouquets. Once the theme is selected, start deciding on what type of bridal gown you are interested in, from the style to the fabric, make the decisions first and then head off shopping to find that perfect gown.

Think Of Each of Your Bridesmaids

It can be easy to get caught up in a beautiful bridesmaid gown that might suit one or only a few of your girls in your squad and no so much the others. Don’t be that bride who forces a dress that they like and is unflattering for the bridesmaid on them. Be the understanding one that your girl squad adores and choose a dress that is flattering to each individual bridesmaid. If this seems like a bit of a hassle, try a different method and choose similar yet different dresses for each of your girls. This way they stick to the theme and also get to wear what they feel they look the best in.

Include Your Mom in Your Bridal Party

Remember to include both the mothers in the bridal party. Having them dress in a similar manner that matches the theme of the wedding will not only make it look very beautiful but will also make them happy for knowing that you thought of them. There are many dresses for mother of the bride that can be found in bridal stores or even online that can help make the decision faster. Another good idea is to choose your mom’s clothing as you choose yours, possibly from the same store.

Comfort Does Matter

The saying that beauty is pain is true to a certain extent but if you will be running around for an entire day doing bridesmaids duties, thinking of comfort can go long way. When choosing the dresses make sure they are actually comfortable to wear, no matter how elegant and gorgeous a dress may be, if it is not comfortable then don’t choose it. Your bridesmaids will thank you for this.

Keeping your bridal party happy will in turn help uplift the mood of your wedding and the party will be quite fun for you and everyone in it!

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