Pro Tips to Store BBQ Rubs

Spices and rubs are among the best purchases a BBQ enthusiast can make. They’re cheap, provide you a lot of alternatives, and can last a long time. That is, provided you correctly preserve them from the start.

Have you ever gone into your spice rack, ready to prepare a wonderful piece of meat, only to be greeted by a rub jar filled with something that looks more like a block than a rub? We can all connect to that.

As you begin to invest in rubs and spices, you’ll notice that they quickly accumulate in your cupboard, and you’ll develop an interest in learning how to prolong their life and optimize your return on investment. When it comes down to it, preserving your spices and rubs and prolonging their shelf life isn’t difficult.

Knowing what’s in the rub can help you make strategic judgments sooner rather than later

If you use herb-based rubs, keep in mind that you only have 6 to 9 months from the time you open the bottle to use them to their full potential.

On that topic, keep in mind that dried herbs have a lot of oil in them, and it is these aromatic oils that transport the flavours. So, while these oils don’t dry out as quickly as water, they will gradually dry and dull over the next month after you’ve opened the containers.

Rubs, on the other hand, can last considerably longer than herbs and can withstand the test of time if certain variables are controlled. Red-spice spices, such as the Kansas City type rub, require little upkeep and last a long time, whereas herb-based and Greek rubs must be utilized within six months.Click here to shop BBQ rubs if you are looking for the best. 

Light and UV Protection: I understand that rub jars look nice on your kitchen shelf.

What if I told you, it’s also the most effective method to squander good rubs? Would you change your viewpoint if I reminded you that you (most likely) bought these for cooking reasons first and foremost, rather than for the additional decor prop factor?

Light exposure can degrade flavours, just as it might with olive oils and other substances. UV radiation can change spices and herbs, causing them to age far more quickly than they need to. As a result, storing your rubs in opaque containers or jars with large dark wrap stickers, such as those from House of BBQ Experts, and keeping them in closed cabinets is a far better approach to extend the life of your rubs than placing them on your shelves.

Atmospheric Temperatures and Humidity Levels

Mixing rubs over a BBQ, as simple as it may seem, is never a good idea since the steam and moisture from the meat will get caught in the container. In fact, caked spice jars are the most common result of this.

When it comes to rubs and spices humidity control is crucial, as you might expect. Always store them away from heat and humidity in a dry environment. If you need to add rubs or spices to the meat while it’s cooking, take it off the grill or place some herbs in a dish and sprinkle it all with your hands. This will keep moisture out of your jars and ensure you get every gram of the product you paid for.

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