How to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable

First off, congratulations on the engagement! Now it comes down to the tough part- organizing your wedding. Are you tired of those traditional wedding ceremonies? Do you want to find a way to make your wedding stick out for both your guests and your partner? There are plenty of ways to do so, all you need is a little creative boost. Here’s a little help in that department with some ideas that are bound to get your guests gushing or laughing in tears.

The Story

Each couple has their own unique story. From the first meeting to the first date, all the way up to your proposal. Hire a designer who can help you create a short, quirky infographic that will act as a re-telling of your love story. Let’s face it, there’s nothing people love more than a happy ending! You can have them placed for each guest at their tables.


Who said photos only have to be hanging up on walls in frames? Traditional. Find ways to spice things up by (for example) creating a small Polaroid wall of photos of you two in different places and countries. Or you could even have your special moments printed out in aged newspapers, complete with pictures and all. They can be filled with your holidays, your first time skiing or your first date to the park. With so many photos in your arsenal, make use of them to best of your capability.

Place Setting

Name card holders are boring! Instead go the extra mile by being more ‘DIY’ about things. An idea that is being well loved by guests and organizers is placing a small herbal wreath on the table with a ribbon placed on the top (which has the handwritten name on it). The wreath is a perfect way to engage the guests’ senses with its calming fragrance.


Keep in mind that not everyone likes to drink alcohol. For these guests, you can have some fruit infused water (a remarkably pretty addition to your space) and a small juice bar adjoining.


You can go all out with the adorable snacks. Shape up your biscuits to form initials and definitely get your hands on some Sweet Mickie cookies. These are customizable so you can put in a cheeky message for your guests that will definitely have them laughing.


There’s nothing quite as beautiful as an outdoor wedding. But how about the reception? By creating an outdoors wedding reception, you can create a beautiful, romantic ambiance for your guests. Make use of some vintage furniture, and go all out with the tiny blinking lights and garlands to create the most picturesque of receptions. Beach backdrops are a favourite with these outdoor themes and for good reason! The pictures look simply amazing to say the least.

These are a few simple ways to make your wedding ceremony an unforgettable one! It will take a lot of effort and probably bring about more than a few frazzled nerves but we promise the end result will be worth it.

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