6 Nutritious Snacks That Can Satisfy Your Cravings

Apart from having breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you may want to enjoy some snacks in between these usual meal times. However, having some snacks beyond these meal times also occurs if you were not able to eat either one of those meals or simply enjoy your leisure hour with some flavoursome snacks.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that the snack you choose should not only be tasty but also healthy at the same time. Mentioned below are some snacks you can consider adding to your favourite list of snacks that fulfill your hunger.

1. Popcorn

This is an ideal snack you can have if you are craving some snacks to enjoy your evening hours while watching a movie. Popcorns are crispy and delicious and it will not significantly contribute to your weight gain as it holds a smaller number of calories. Additionally, popcorn is a great source of fibre as well which can keep you full for a considerably long period.

To make the consumption of popcorn healthier, consider preparing them in an air popper because it does not involve adding oil or butter for preparation.

2. Dried fruits

Dried fruits are a perfect choice of snack to satisfy your sweet tooth after your afternoon meals. They are also great sources of fibre which are eventually healthy for you.

Some of the dried fruits you may consider eating as snacks are dried apricots, dates, plums, and raisins. You may also eat nuts such as almondsalong with these dried fruits.

3. Biscuits

Biscuits are usually consumed during the evening while having tea. There are several types of biscuits with various flavours and energy content. Eating certain biscuits in large amounts daily might as well be negative for your health.

S, if you are looking for biscuits that are good for your health, you can add gluten free biscuits to your diet.

4. Seeds

Yes, you read that right. Typically, seeds are not suitable for consumption because they are used mostly to produce a new plant of the same kind. Nevertheless, seeds like sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds can be eaten as snacks.

Both sunflower and pumpkin seeds hold protein, fat, and fibre in high amounts. In addition, pumpkin seeds can help induce sleep according to some research. Sunflower seeds can be chosen from many varieties such as with or without shells, raw or roasted, as well as salted or unsalted. Pumpkin seeds too can be found of different varieties and taste better when eaten with toast or oatmeal.

5. Rice crackers

These snacks look similar to biscuits but are comparatively light in texture. Rice crackers are another amazing choice for your snacking needs and are nutritious too. Moreover, they contain fibre.

For a better flavour of this delicious snack, you can eat them with cheese, peanut butter, and hummus which provides some of the other nutrients to your body.

6. Greek yogurt

This is a great source of protein which also enables you to have some good sleep. Low-fat Greek yogurt can be a very healthy choice if you are trying to lose weight.

For extra nutrients, you can have your yogurt with some fresh fruits and chia seeds.

The above-mentioned snacks are some of the best choices you can consider having during your snacking time. You can research more on their benefits as well as on the other healthy snack choices.

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